14 Mar 2017 | The art of meta programming


14 Mar 2017 | The art of meta programming

In this meetup session on 14 March 2017 we are exploring the art of meta programming. Based on handmade meta code we are generating a Java Spring Boot with Angular application. By changing the meta code we alter the generated Java Spring Boot and Angular code.

What is meta programming?

Meta programming is about creating an abstraction and model of the program you are trying to realize. With meta programming you are creating meta code. Meta code for the code generator MetaFactory consists of two basic elements:

  1. an enriched model of your program. In this meetup this is a model of our bookstore demo application.
  2. a set of code instructions. In this meetup the code instructions create a Java Spring Boot and AngularJS application


The meetup

We will start on Tuesday 14 March 2017 at 6 PM at the MetaFactory office: Zekeringstraat 19 B, 1014 BM Amsterdam. Food and drinks are available.

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